My Way (Mo Drom)

Director of Photography
Andrei Lupu
Robert Kallos
Catalin Cazacu/ Cristina Chinole
Catalin Cazacu

Film Story

My Way (Mo Drom) is a 24 min documentary film tackling Roma-related issues but from a different perspective than the one we have been used to see. The documentary centers on a Roma  family from Bicaz, Romania who have chosen to educate themselves, to live with non-Roma and embrace their life style  without however quitting the Roma cultural values, or hide the fact that they are Roma. The film has a relaxed atmosphere,  the family members actually play music (and this is the soundtrack) thus making it easier for the viewers to understand their perspective and various other issues. The film was produced in August 2014 and it was broadcasted on TVR (Romanian Public Television Channel) in November 2014.

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